Expert Training Forum

On 25 September 2009 the HAC held a one-day training forum for all its external experts. Of the over 1200 invited experts over 200 took place in the event. The background documents are available in Hungarian on the Hungarian website.

Doctoral data base

Together with the Hungarian Doctoral Council, the HAC has set up a data base for the evaluation of doctoral schools. All phases of the evaluations are now conducted in electronic form (see

The English translation of "The President's Report on the HAC's activities in 2008" can now be read here.

International Advisory Board meeting

The HAC’s Board held its meeting at the HAC offices on 23-24 November. It reviewed the HAC’s work in the past year and reflected on its external evaluation and Action Plan.

The Board’s Recommendations can be found here while the HAC’s Action Plan, as adopted at its plenary meeting on 5 December 2008 are accessible here.

The 3rd European Quality Assurance Forum in Budapest

Organized by the E4 (EUA, ENQA, ESU, EURASHE) the 3rd Quality Assurance Forum was held at Corvinus University in Budapest 20-22 November 2008. The main issues were the importance of engaging all university members in a common quality culture, and learning outcomes, which requires a new paradigm in approaching teaching and learning. A third main topic was university ranking, which is gaining popularity but which the participants overwhelmingly rejected as a quality assurance tool. Nevertheless – also in light of the call for a new ranking instrument by the French EU presidency – ranking should be steered into acceptable and realistic channels by considering the purpose and environment of the examined entity, and to allow for a variety of institutions for various needs.

For more details please go to

Foreign visitors

Linking their visits to Budapest for the Quality Forum, Mark Hay the audit director of the Australian Universities Quality Agency AUQA and Karin Järplid Linde and Carin Olausson, staff members of the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education Högskoleverket visited the HAC offices for discussions with the HAC president and staff members. Their aim was to learn more about the HAC operations and plans and to present their own practices at the respective agencies.

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