New offices

The HAC has moved its offices to a new location in downtown Budapest: H-1061 Budapest, Király u. 16. The phone and fax numbers and electronic addresses remain the same.

HAC staff elected to ENQA and EUA

The ENQA general assembly in September 2007 has elected HAC Secretary General Tibor Szántó as its vice-president. Also in September of this year, staff member Christina Rozsnyai joins the EUA Institutional Evaluation Programme's Steering Committee.

New HAC membership

The Prime Minister's letters of appointment were presented to the  new membership of the HAC at its inaugural meeting on January 5, 2006. The newly elected president of the HAC is György Bazsa, professor of chemistry at Debrecen University, a former rector there and onetime president of the Hungarian Rectors' Conference.

An overview of the HAC's work in 2006 can be read here.

Seminar in Albania

On 26-27 September 2006 Tibor Szántó and Christina Rozsnyai held a two-day training seminar for university representatives and quality assurance experts in Tirana. The seminar focused on quality assurance methodologies and practices, country models and history, the Bologna process and the European Standards and Guidelines.

International Advisory Board meeting

The HAC International Advisory Board held its 2006 meeting on May 30-31, 2006 at Debrecen University. The University had just concluded its external evaluation by the HAC and the Board met with members of the evaluation team and with evaluated university participants to learn about their experiences in the evaluation process. The Board’s Recommendations for this and the HAC’s work can be read here.

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