CEE Network workshop

The Central and Eastern European Network of Quality Assurance Agencies held its annual Steering Committee meeting May 29, 2005 in Poznan, Poland. Preceding it, on May 28, was a workshop. Its main theme was the survey, conducted by Dr. Stefanie Hofmann of the CEE Network member agency ACQUIN, based on two questionnaires filled out by 16 of the Network's 20 member agencies on their accreditation practices. The benchmark were the new standards of ENQA. The goal of the survey is to work out a methodology for the mutual accreditation between member agencies, in line with the Bologna process. Click here to read the Minutes of the workshop.

Meeting of the International Advisory Board

The International Advisory Board of the HAC held its annual meeting on 15-16 April 2005. Only five of the Board members were able to attend the meeting this year. On Friday afternoon the members met with the HAC presidium to discuss presidium activities, HAC tasks, problems related to the introduction of Bachelor and Master programs in Hungary, the second stage of parallel accreditation of selected disciplines, and procedures on professorial appointments. At the Saturday meeting the Board discussed the new higher education act and the HAC's work in the past year. The Board's Recommendations formulated after the meeting can be read here. The reflections of the HAC to the Board's Recommendations can be read here.


The HAC participates in the so-called TEEP (Transnational European Evaluation Project) II, which evaluates the quality of joint Master's programs supported by the Erasmus Mundus project of the EU. Three joint Master's programs have been selected, each is taught at seven universities in five countries, and the students have to attend at least one semester in a partner country. The outcome of TEEP II will be the elaboration of a European-wide accreditation procedure.


INQAAHE held its 8th biannual conference, titled "Quality, Assurance and Diversity", March 29-April 1, 2005 in Wellington, New Zealand. Participants were especially interested in transnational education and the value of quality assurance. With regard to the first topic, the question of assuring quality on the part of countries importing educational provision came to the fore, while the value of quality assurance hinges on the dissemination of the outcomes of such exercises and the broad propagation of good practice. At the General Assembly linked to the conference the By-laws were amended. Meta-accreditation agencies can now become full members, and INQAAHE will co-ordinate the external evaluation of agencies on request. HAC Secretary General Tibor Szántó, a Board member of INQAAHE, gave a presentation at the conference on the subject. The assembly also approved changes to the Guidelines of Good Practice.

Parallel accreditation of degree programs

Following the successful completion of the pilot project on the parallel evaluation of History and Psychology degree programs in Hungary, the HAC is continuing to evaluate all programs in medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, pharmaceutics and law.

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