Bachelor/Master degrees launched in Hungary

At its March 26 plenary meeting the HAC passed a resolution on the national qualification requirements for new Bachelor and Master programs. At the meeting it also discussed the accreditation requirements for launching new Bachelor programs, which it accepted as a resolution at its plenary meeting of July 2, 2004. So far, 60 applications for new Bachelor programs were submitted (38 were accepted, 21 were conditionally accepted where the HAC asked for additional documents, and one was rejected.)

New full members in the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

HAC Chairman László Fésüs, HAC plenum members Csaba Pléh, László Hatvani, Gábor Makara B. and Ernő Zalai have been granted full membership in the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Congratulations!

The Second Cycle of Institutional Accreditation

In 2004 the HAC begins its second cycle of evaluating and accrediting all higher education institutions in Hungary, which it is required to do by law at least every eight years. Click here to find the outline for the procedure.

CEE Network General Assembly

The CEE Network will hold its next General Assembly in Prague on October 23-24, 2004. Attached to the conference will be a workshop, whose subject is to discuss the main topics in the CEE Network survey of its member agencies. Participants will provide input for the focus of the ensuing report on quality assurance and accreditation procedures and practices in CEE. Please click here for the full program and registration.

New Bachelor Study Programs

At its March plenary meeting, the HAC passed a resolution on how to deal with applications for Bachelor study programs, some of which will be launched for the first time in Hungary in September 2005. (As a pilot exercise, Bachelor programs in information science have been accredited and will launch at several institutions in September 2004.) The HAC has set down the requirements for applications submitted for preliminary accreditation, required for launching new programs, and has proposed a timetable for working out the applications. Each Bachelor study program will be worked out jointly by expert committees set up by the Conferences on Higher Education, and the proposals will be discussed in an academic forum prior to submission to the Ministry. The applications can be submitted jointly or by individual institutions to the Ministry, which forwards them to the HAC for accreditation. The following documents are available on the HAC's Hungarian website:
1. Proposed action plan
2. Accreditation requirements for establishing a new program
3. Formal and content requirements for applications for establishing a new program
4. Application evaluation form
5. Application review procedure

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