Projekt Qualitätssicherung

HAC honorary president András Róna-Tas participated at the conference on 20-21 November 2003, organized by the "Projekt Qualitätssicherung" of the German Rectors' Conference, which focused on the new challenges for quality assurance after the ministers' meeting in Berlin. Dr. Róna-Tas spoke about developments in Central and Eastern Europe.

ENQA working groups

In accordance with the mandate given to ENQA in the Berlin Communiqué, ENQA has set up two working groups. One focuses on exploring ways to ensure an adequate peer review system for quality assurance and/or accreditation agencies or bodies which would lead to god internal quality assurance practices of ENQA's member agencies. HAC General Secretary Tibor Szántó participates in this working group. The other working group's aim is to develop an agreed set of standards, procedures and guidelines for external quality assurance.

CEE Network News

The CEE Network held its Steering Committee meeting in Bucharest, Romania on 1 November 2003. The following day there was a workshop, one key outcome of which was a draft Statement of the CEE Network concerning the network member's position vis-a-vis the Bologna process with regard to quality assurance. The final Statement, as approved by the CEE Network members, will be sent to the Bologna Follow-up Group. For more information go to

ENQA Workshop on Accreditation

HAC staff member Christina Rozsnyai participated at the workshop held in Rome 13-15 November 2003, where she spoke in two working groups about the recent changes and developments in Hungarian accreditation and the organization of the HAC. The workshop focused on accreditation models in Europe, especially in light of the strengthened role of accreditation following the ministers' conference in Berlin. For more information link to

Berlin Communiqué

As the latest stage of the Bologna process, the conference of the European ministers of education was held in Berlin, September 19, 2003. The conference concluded its intermediate priorities and defined measures to be taken for further enhancement of the harmonisation aimed by the Bologna process in the Berlin Communiqué. The full text of the communiqué can be downloaded here.

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